CURRENTLY, the European kits are the only subcategory available, but plans exist for Asian, American, and other designs from around the world.

Existing European kits across the four scales used include:





More will be added over time, including Eastern European, ancient Greco-Roman, German, and Scandinavian design kits in the European category...
plus at least a dozen other ideas modeled on other spots around the planet from locales in India, Turkey, Egypt, China, Japan, New England, New Orleans, Aztec/Mayan ruins, and many more!

These kits have already proved mildly popular, and the more momentum they gain the more I'll work each month on new kits.
If you buy one of these sets on Etsy, please take a moment to rate/review your purchase. It'll be helpful to other customers and to me, and it'll also assist me in pushing forward on new kits.

Affordable Pricing!

Each item is very cheaply priced even when pre-printed and shipped directly to you. All these papercraft products are, in fact, under $10 (plus shipping) and the shipping is free on all Etsy orders over $35 - and the prices go even lower during holiday sales.
Numerous Scales!

HO scale - 1/87
TT scale - 1/120
N scale - 1/160
Z scale -1/220
From zany 'Z' scale
to the standard HO,
you'll find a kit that
can fit your layout!
Photographic, real-world textures,
applied in the most meticulous and believable way possible. People will marvel at the buildings once they're assembled!
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